Dec 23rd 2004: InkTank & Archangel 1.0 released! Download them here!
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In Action

Click here to try a live installation of InkTank.

InkTank screenshot 2 Reading a story.
InkTank screenshot 1 Archangel — archivist’s tool.

What is InkTank?

InkTank is an online library system designed to archive “fan fiction,” stories written using an already-imagined world. It has many features tailored as such, including the ability to categorize stories by characters, genres, and “pairings.” It also includes an awards system for highlighting outstanding works. InkTank is hosted on the widely supported PHP/MySQL combo.

What is Archangel?

Archangel is the companion to InkTank — it’s a desktop program, running on Windows or Macintosh, that allows archivists to conveniently maintain an InkTank archive. Archangel can manipulate stories, authors, system messages, awards, and more.

What do I need to use InkTank?

You need a web-host that supports PHP and MySQL. Furthermore, your web host must allow external direct access to its MySQL database server. Archangel requires it. Your host must also support deep URLs with PHP, such as “archive.php/Teasel/index.html.” Often Windows/IIS-based webhosts do not. Most quality web hosts work well — but some cheap ones do not.

If you have the luxury of choosing a host around InkTank, look at

How do I install?

See the installation guide.