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If the web interface works, then you're 95% done setting up InkTank. Congratulations. Of course, your new toy is only a novelty without substance. Archangel is how you inject that substance—it's the tool for adding, deleting, and modifyingeverything within your InkTank system database.

Grab a copy.

As with everything InkTank, you can grab a copy of Archangel from that project download page you're getting so familiar with. Versions are available for Win32 (Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP) or Mac OS (either pre-OSX or OSX native.)

Archangel comes with no installer. This makes it completely safe, because it does not install any system files. When you download, you'll receive a .zip or .sit file, which will produce an Archangel folder. Move it wherever you like on your hard drive. If you want it in your start menu, drag the program into it. If you want it in your dock, drag it there.

When you run it, you'll be prompted for a server address, username, password, and database name. Click Connect, and have fun. You're done installing InkTank — congratulations!

If Archangel fails.

Here are some things to check:

  1. Whether any of the connection data are incorrect. Did you mistype something? Maybe you specified the web server (your subdomain address) instead of your database server—they could very well be different computers on large hosting providers.
  2. Whether your webhost really does support remote access to its MySQL server. Try asking the support team.
  3. Whether the remote hosts addition was done correctly. If not, you would be unable to connect. Check to see if '%' was added to the hosts list correctly.